"Really an album for a big audience! The production is well done in every detail."
Wouter van Hal, Progpraat! Magazine
Home Of Cain
On Liquid Terrain
Stella Nova
F8 Al Ba6
The Cry (Radio Edit)

The CD sounds excellent, some great musical ideas!
Michael Sadler, SAGA

"Oliver Rüsing has done an awesome job!!! 'Do Yourself a Favour' and get a hold of this awesome album
especially if you like neo-prog with an emphasis on great song-writing and musicianship."
Sean Timms, Unitopia / Southern Empire

"What a great voice. It actually sounds kind of like Peter Cetera. Great arrangements, great songwriting."
Andrew Colyer, Circuline / The Prog Rock Orchestra / The Tubes

"Sounds vibrant and fresh!"
John Young, Lifesigns

"I've listened to it several times and I've been liking what I've heard. Great quality sound as well."
Joe Cairney, Comedy of Errors

"On this almost eighties minutes long album you can listen to sixteen compositions. Compositions on which you hear a thin line
between pop, rock and neo-progressive rock music. Most of them are up tempo and have rather catchy melodies. But this doesn't mean
they aren't enjoyable. Not at all! Oliver manages to create music that doesn't take a lot of listening sessions to decide if the tracks are
worth listening to, because all of them are! He knows how to give those tracks the right musical colour, so you can stayed focused until it comes to an end. He does this by playing a strong guitar solo or adding fine keyboard chords. Vocal wise I didn't hear any problems
either. He has a good voice and sings without the obvious German accent."
Henri Strik, Background Magazine NL

"Fans of ASIA, SAGA or TOTO will feel home."
Marc Langels, Hooked-On-Music.de

“Karibow’s sound starts at neo prog, but also embraces pop, with a focus on complex rhythms and beautiful vocals.
If you are looking for prog that’s soaked with catchy melodies to escape from a grey day, then this CD is a must have!”
Giancarlo Bolther, Rock Impressions

"Really an album for a big audience! Oliver's voice is wonderful to listen to, catchy vocal melodies and great arrangements.
The fresh sound is striking as soon as you start listening. The production is well done in every detail."
Wouter van Hal, Progpraat Magazine

"Addicted is a powerful AOR oriented progressive rock album that includes a lot of catchy tunes.
Check the band's internet links and get the stylishly designed CD!"
Bernd Wäsche, Twilight Magazin

"Right from the beginning, Karibow present a forceful and punchy touch of melodic rock. Addicted somehow reminds me
of an AOR influenced version of Kino, the current It Bites or a little bit of Toto."
Harald Schmidt, Babyblaue Seiten

01. Change 4:12
02. Primeval 8:28
03. On Liquid Terrain 5:53
04. Believe 4:53
05. Home Of Cain 5:18
06. Stella Nova 5:55
07. Shine On 3:53
08. Collaborator 2:51
09. The Cry (Radio Edit) 4:32
10. F8 Al Ba6 3:28
11. Spark 2:17
12. Place To Be 6:13
13. The Violent Plains 4:35
14. Always There 3:03
15. Something 4:01
16. 9/16 8:26
Total 78:38

Man Of Rust
Just A Light
Till We Are Gone
Man Of Rust Alive
01. Ceraneo
02. Man Of Rust
03. Reasons To Fly
04. The Big Y
05. Till We Are Gone (Full Version)
06. Sound Of The Shade
07. Just A Light
08. Rising Like The Sun
09. A Little Bit Of Rust (Alive Version)
10. Till We Are Gone (Radio Edit)